Farm Specialties Throughout The Seasons At WoodBottom Quail Farms

Fresh vegetables, foraged nuts, native mushrooms, fall pumpkins, homemade bread, jellies, pasture raised lamb…the list goes on and on!

pumpkins at WoodBottom Quail farms

Lamb Sharing Program

lamb sharing

Our Lamb Sharing Program was a huge hit in 2016! Let us know now if you have an interest in becoming part of the program for 2017!

WoodBottom Quail Farms is so excited to have our new “Lamb Sharing” Program underway, where you can purchase a whole or half, raised right here on the farm! There is also going to be the option to purchase an entire lamb and donate half to a charity, or donate the entire lamb to charity!

All lamb will be pasture raised, chemical free right here on the farm. We never give our lamb any growth enhancers or hormones. You will know exactly how it’s cared for, what type of feed, where it’s processed. Being grass-fed, the lamb you receive will be leaner, which offers less calories and lower cholesterol than grain fed. You will be involved every step of the way and know where your food is truly coming from! We raise happy high quality livestock in the sunshine without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.

We require a $100 deposit before March 12, 2017 to reserve your lamb. An average whole lamb weighs in at approximately 100 pounds. Once your lamb is ready for processing in the fall, we will take it to the butcher for processing. You will be charged $4.50 per pound for the weight of the lamb when we take it to the butcher aka hanging weight. We will subtract your deposit from the total amount due. You will then contact the butcher and let them know what cuts you would like. This way you can specifically ask for what cuts work best for your family! You will be responsible for the butcher processing fee (currently $65) and for picking up the meat from the butcher. We also offer pickup and delivery for an additional $25. This offers you a substantial savings over grocery store prices, with the security of knowing exactly where your food is raised and processed!