woodbottom quail farms family farmWoodBottom Quail Farms Family Farm

Thank you for stopping by to visit our website! We are thoroughly enjoying our WoodBottom Quail Farms, LLC! We purchased our first Coturnix Quail one weekend on a whim and have been adding to them since. Not only did we fall in love with the birds themselves, but also the rich flavor and healthy benefits of their eggs. Our flocks are continually increasing in size, giving us a large quantity and variety of birds. Our cage-free quail are very spoiled, being hand-fed snacks on a daily basis and are treated as though they are part of the family. We are certified AI Clean and NPIP to ensure our birds are happy and healthy.

We are strongly committed to doing things as simple as possible and we believe in the local grown, small farm to table philosophy. This is why we became part of the Ohio Proud Program, HomeGrown by Heroes Program, and a member of Chefs Collaborative. We are looking forward with excitement to the future as we expand with the addition of even more quail and begin to offer our products to a larger venue. We hope you enjoy our items as much as we do and can’t wait to see what the future holds with our little quail farm. We would love to hear from you with comments or suggestions.